Training: Ammonia Refresher (8 hr. 24 hr.)

Emergency Response Refresher Training:

This 8 hr. course is designed to meet the requirements of OSHA for refresher training of Emergency Response Personnel who will respond to leaks or spills of chemicals for the purpose of stopping those leaks or spills.

It is specifically aimed at ammonia operators, but will relate to many other chemicals.  It can be tailored to other specific chemicals in your workplace.

OSHA requires that all certified and trained response personnel who are expected to respond to spills or leaks must have this annual refresher training.

This course covers:

  • Procedures for handling emergency responses
  • Written emergency response plans
  • Hazardous confronting responders
  • Material safety data sheets and terms
  • Health effects of ammonia and other chemicals
  • How to decontaminate responders and clean up ammonia spills
  • How to prepare for emergencies
  • Protective clothing
  • Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and respirators
  • Conducting mock scenarios with SCBA’s and encapsulating suits

Who should attend the 8 hr. training course:
Members of management, engineering, maintenance, refrigeration, safety, production, human resource and security who have received the required 24 hr. emergency response training.

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Since their opening in 1988, they have trained over 20,000 people in ammonia safety and other OSHA related requirements.  They have assisted many clients in developing various OSHA safety Programs including the comprehensive PSM requirements.

Take this opportunity to see why over 700 of the top food processing companies have put their trust in this program! Check back for training course dates.