Sutton & Associates Service

Sutton & Associates is a qualified refrigeration contractor with more than 95% of its work directly related to industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.  Sutton & Associates recommends utilizing preventative maintenance guidelines and procedures to provide a well maintained, reliable and safe refrigeration system to work toward the elimination of emergency service.

Preventative Maintenance Programs
Sutton & Associates has implemented custom tailored calendars of preventative maintenance services that dramatically decrease the number of emergency calls.  As a result we:

  • Customize a schedule from manufacturer recommendations and our service experience with particular equipment.
  • Provide a calendar at the beginning of each service term including the tasks and expected on site days to complete scheduled service. 
  • Prepare and submit a monthly status report on the system activities completed for the month and recommendations on how to address any discovered work. 
  • Identify problems beyond routine maintenance and make recommendations to correct such problems including a budget and schedule for each problem.
  • An annual report of completed checklists and worksheets will be provided.