Sutton & Associates Equipment

Compressors are the heart of any ammonia refrigeration system. Compressor failures or undersized compressors can waste valuable production time. We can help trouble-shoot lost refrigeration capacity and improve energy consumption.

Sutton & Associates provides a full line of industrial and commercial refrigeration products for food processors and cold storage warehouses throughout Ohio. We work closely with customers to determine the proper equipment requirements for their unique applications as well as install and service the equipment. We can install and service all major manufacturers' ammonia compressors, condensers, and evaporators to solve your refrigeration needs.

For certain applications, a two-stage compressor configuration can provide better refrigeration performance while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Condensing capability is extremely important to providing the most cost efficient refrigeration. If a systems condensing capacity is insufficient, compressor energy consumption will be excessive and compressor maintenance costs will increase due to increased compression ratio.


OEM Packages
Sutton & Associates’ team of engineers can provide advice on the proper design, installation and operation of many different vessel packages. High Pressure Receivers, Accumulators, Surge Drums, Liquid Recirculator Packages, Thermosyphon and Intercooler vessel packages have specific functions within a refrigeration system. Depending on an existing system’s design, one vessel package or a combination of packages can greatly improve the overall refrigeration and energy efficiency of the system.

Most  packages can be designed with a vertical or horizontal vessel to accommodate floor and height space limitations.  All vessel packages use vessels manufactured to comply with ASME  pressure vessel code.

Proper sizing of a vessel package for current and future refrigeration needs is essential for energy efficiencies.  Replacing two small vessel packages with a larger vessel package can produce significant results.

A Recirculator Package can separate ammonia vapor and liquid very effectively while trapping oil flowing through the system.  This type of package can be very useful in keeping the evaporator coils supplied with liquid ammonia to increase refrigeration.